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Maximize ROI Through Data Analysis And Understanding "Search Cycle"
[2009-04-13] My recent presentation at Search Engine Strategies (SES) New York afforded me the opportunity to talk about: The importance of measuring the right data from each step in the "search cycle" and then,...Taking action based on that data.

Turning Negative Feedback Into Positive
[2009-03-30] If you've ever written a blog post, read a blog, or had an opinion on anything in the blogosphere at all, chances are you've encountered a negative comment. In some cases, the vitriol of negative comments are the driving force behind the blog itself (see also: Gawker Media, Inc.), but, in my opinion, constant snark does not a credible blog make.

Important Pre-SEO Campaign Questions
[2009-03-09] This is a continuing series of questions that you need to ask yourself before you engage in SEO strategies or services. Part I started off with Questions that need to be answered if you in-source your SEO campaigns. We specifically addressed questions regarding attempting to perform SEO yourself.

Attracting New Clients Takes More Than A Blog
[2009-02-23] With the announcement of the winners of the Irish Blog Awards this weekend I am sure that business blogging will be discussed by many businesses large and small. But I'm concerned that they are getting bad advice.

Enterprises Need A Good Onsite And Offsite Mix
[2009-02-09] Seems I get this question nearly every presentation I give . "Why build a branded community or blog site, why not build a program where the audience is?" It's a great question. It's been one of those staple questions for any presentation along with. "Have you consider GEO requirements?" and "How are you measuring success?".

2009 Predictions For The Future Of Enterprise 2.0
[2009-01-26] Dion Hinchcliffe from ZDNet put his prognostication prowess to the test with eight predictions for 2009.  Here they are.

The Social Phenomenon Working for Businesses
[2009-01-16] Over the course of the last few weeks, and as more and more people out there are getting exposed to everything related with the social phenomenon on 2.0 (Whether you are talking about Social Computing, Social Networking, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Social Media -Yes, I know!

Protecting Yourself From Web Analytics Errors
[2008-12-22] My post on "Numbers it's better NOT to know" got me thinking more closely about the relationship between a theory of error and the types of web analytic process organizations should adopt. That led to a more considered post "Defending the Indefensible" where I laid out some of the most common causes of error and talked a little bit about how these errors should influence our thinking about organization and process. Jacques Warren, whose comments certainly triggered some of this, responded with the question:

Share Your Success With Your Clients
[2008-12-08] There's a great scene in the movie Jerry MaGuire. In it, Tom Cruise's sports agent character has finally lost his it with his one client (a football player brilliantly played by Cuba Gooding Jr.). Frustrated by Gooding Jr.'s frosty relationship with the media, Cruise implores, "Help me to help you." It's a pivotal moment in the movie for both characters - and it's one that we could (should) use more in the PR industry.

Enterprise Mashups: The SOA Solution
[2008-11-24] I have been spending a lot of time recently learning about enterprise mashups. The new startup that I am working for is building a SaaS solution that will be consumed by various types of customers and partners.

Developing An SEO Proposal
[2008-11-17] Following on from last weeks post, How To Be An SEO Service Provider, we'll now take a look at the art of the SEO proposal.

Listen, Learn, And Adapt To The Social Web
[2008-11-03] Businesses, individuals, and organizations will, from time to time, make honest mistakes or in some unfortunate cases, intentionally support unethical decisions to dissuade or conceal something significant from its public.

Don't Ignore Social Media it is Important
[2008-10-20] Why do some companies choose to ignore social media? And walk through life with their heads down as if those who participate in social media don't really exist? I don't get it.

Integrate Local Search Marketing to Drive In-Store Sales
[2008-10-06] Believe it or not, there's just over a month to go before the shopping season kicks into full swing?

How to Market Your Business on Facebook
[2008-09-22] What is FB really about? Authenticity & Transparency. Never use your company name as your FB profile name. Be a person.

Website Stats Go Mobile
[2008-09-08] As more marketing spend shifts to digital media, the demand for data to track performance and online behaviour is becoming more immediate.

Over Time Incorporating Visitor Usage and Trends
[2008-08-11] For many years, marketing professionals have relied on a set of analysis techniques designed to help them understand the demographic and psychographic profiles of their customers and prospects.

Facebook Re-Design is an Important Change for Businesses
[2008-08-04] Facebook finally released the new site re-design to the masses. The re-design has actually been accessible for over a month by logging into Facebook at Now, the new design is accessible to everyone. Log-in to Facebook in the normal manner, and a small bar pops up along the top of the screen, asking the user to switch over.

Enterprise Measurement Issues
[2008-07-21] The two Huddle topics that Ron Pinsky of AIG has chosen may well be THE prototypical enterprise measurement topics: data quality and data integration. It doesn't surprise me. Ron has a tremendous sense of what really matters.

See How Your Site Compares to Your Competitors
[2008-07-07] There's no better feeling than seeing your traffic trend chart hovering over a competitor's site/s. And should the opposite be the case - nothing is more frustrating.

Protecting Your Brand From Shadow Brands
[2008-06-23] If you build a clean trusted brand many people will emulate your brand and leech off it. Everything from wrapping spam in the Google brand right on through to registering a domain name that sounds just like your name and doing mass email spam with it.

Setting Up a Virtual Office for Your Startup
[2008-06-09] The virtual office, an innovative add-on to the serviced office format, is typically used by upcoming entrepreneurs. It provides them with an address in a business centre located in a prestigious location and meeting room space whenever necessary.

Futuristic Presentation of Text Analytics
[2008-05-21] I had a chance to present yesterday to a big crowd at the Enterprise Search Summit in New York City on the future of text analytics. Although I've spent many years on text search technology, it turns out that the same gizmos do a great job on text analytics, too.

Using Wiki and Social Software in the Enterprise
[2008-05-05] Third bank holiday in a row and still enjoying the gorgeous weather out there! Too nice out there to be sitting in front of the computer, but I just thought I would share a few lines over here to point out to you folks something that I am sure you would find interesting and relevant, specially if you have been following my experiment on giving up e-mail, i.e. work related e-mail.

Customer Loyalty with EDM
[2008-04-14] I saw a couple of interesting posts when I returned from IBM's IMPACT show last week (blog posts here) - Jim Berkowitz on Want Customer Loyalty? Improve Customer Experience First and Ginger Conlon on Making Coke Rewarding.