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3 Tips To Improve Your Lead Generation Program
Marketers and business owners continue to spend a lot of money driving traffic to their websites and yet many struggle with lead generation and optimizing the traffic and conversion from the campaigns that they are running. Read these three tips and take your lead generation program to the next level.
Date: 2013-12-16
Google Gives a Facelift to Google+ Profiles, Reducing the Size!
Starting today, Google will be rolling out a visual refresh to the Google+ cover photos on desktop. The minor change will bring a fresh & refined look to your Google+ profile.
Date: 2013-11-18
Top 3 Considerations Before Launching a Brand Advocacy Program
Advocacy happens when customers or employees talk favorably about a brand or defend it without being asked to do so. They just love the brand, what it stands for and how it makes them feel.
Date: 2013-10-21
Adaptation: The Key to Become a Socially Integrated Enterprise
Earlier on in the week, my good friend, Eric Zigus, put together a rather thought provoking blog post that surely has got me thinking big time about the whole topic of adoption of Social / Open Business and about the different techniques that fellow practitioners get to employ to help other knowledge workers embrace new technologies, whatever those may well be. In Adoption via Peer Pressure?
Date: 2013-09-18
Samsung Set To Expand Its Enterprise Solutions
As Samsung continues to increase its share of the global mobile phone market (and the Android smartphone market in particular), it is also continuing to expand its business into other areas of the worldwide tech segment. Today, rumors have surfaced stating that Samsung may soon aggressively expand its enterprise soultions.
Date: 2013-08-26
The New Standard for Evaluating Enterprise Software is How Consumer Grade It Is
It’s no secret that much of modern day enterprise software (specifically around collaboration) is being modeled around consumer web software; and there’s good reason for that. When we think of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or (insert company here), we associate them with things such as ease of use, access on any device, connecting with and finding people and information, building communities, and engagement (and I’m sure many other things).
Date: 2013-08-05
4 Ways Google+ Can Help Enterprise Brands
After a recent overhaul consisting of 41 updates, Google+ might as well be a whole new animal. Brands are reevaluating their presence in this fast-growing social space, while marketers are trying to pin down exactly how to take advantage of the multitude of new capabilities, including search integration. A few of us at Ignite Social Media recently sat in on a webinar hosted by Sprinklr, in which Google+ representatives gave us some insight into the multi-million-dollar question: Can Google+ help enterprise brands?
Date: 2013-07-15
Don't Make These Enterprise SEO Mistakes
The SEO process looks the same, for the most part, for any website owner. Small businesses and large businesses have the same goal–to improve their search engine presence in order to generate more visitors to the site. The process begins with industry and keyword research, then on site optimization, and then ongoing link building.
Date: 2013-06-03
Enterprise Social Networking Platforms: Think Amazon, Not Facebook
“This is just Facebook for the Enterprise” is the most common way most people describe enterprise social networking platforms. After all, the look and feel of those platforms borrow a lot from the Facebook interface: status updates, @mentioning, groups, walls, profile pictures, direct messages, and so on. However, when implementing a social networking platform at your workplace, you’ll soon find that the resemblance with Facebook pretty much stops there:
Date: 2013-05-13
The Five-Step Maturity Model for Building a Collaborative Organization
In my book, The Collaborative Organization, I featured a maturity model that Chess Media Group created based on our client experience and research. The purpose of the maturity model is to help organizations where they are today, where they should go in the future and the value of doing so, and how to get there. Organizations typically fall into one of five types of categories when it comes to collaboration in the enterprise.
Date: 2013-04-22
New Report: Live Chat Effectiveness 2013
As live chat usage among Internet shoppers continues to grow, we've teamed up with the e-tailing group to understand how to make the most of live chat on your website. And we're sharing what we learned in the 5th annual Live Chat Effectiveness Research Report.
Date: 2013-04-16
The Evolution of the Networked Enterprise: New McKinsey Research
McKinsey just released some more research on the use of social and collaborative technologies within the enterprise. Not surprisingly they found that adoption levels are continuing to climb and are almost double what they were in 2009. The more important finding from the research they conducted was that organizations are moving beyond the experimentation phase with many of these tools and into more mainstream applications and deployments.
Date: 2013-04-08
Enterprise Social Networking Mindshifts by Catherine Shinners
My Merced Group business partner, Catherine Shinners, has published a useful series on Enterprise Social Networking Mindshifts. As McKinsey has shown there is a lot of value to working with social tools and processes.
Date: 2013-03-18
Where is SIRI for the Enterprise?
If you have one of the newer versions of the iphone then you are more than likely familiar with Siri; the “personal assistant” on your phone that you can talk to get help with anything from directions to recipes. Unfortunately the concept is at this point, much more valuable than Siri itself. Now while Siri still does have some value it’s not exactly capable of being called an “assistant,” in fact if you had an assistant like Siri working for you, you would either go insane or quickly find a new assistant. But like I said, the concept is valuable, especially when we think about it for the enterprise.
Date: 2013-02-25
How to Select Enterprise Collaboration Vendors
Towards the end of last year I wrote a post on the eight variables to evaluate enterprise collaboration vendors which you should read before continuing with this post. Today I want the vendor evaluation discussion a bit further with something that I actually wrote for CMSWire a few weeks ago on scoring and comparing vendors. Before we get into that let’s recap what these eight variables are, seen in the image below:
Date: 2013-02-04
How Social Media is Sparking Organizational Transformation
It is with great pleasure that I share with you some exciting and hopefully helpful news. Salesforce and Altimeter Group recently collaborated on a special project to help executives understand the real impact of social media and in turn how to lead meaningful and lucrative transformation. The result is The Little Blue Book of Social Transformation, a free ebook that outlines 20 principles to lead change. It is available today as a complimentary download here.
Date: 2013-01-14